Hello, my name is Mira Afianti.
MSc in Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London.

e-mail : mira.afianti@gmail.com
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Here are some of  Javascript based applications for Samsung Smart TV Application that I developed. These applications were distributed in Indonesia, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.


Teach kids to make an origami in easy and fun way.

Drag'Em All!

Enrich kids' vocabulary by playing simple game. Drag the picture to the box with matching name using hand-gesture feature on Samsung Smart TV.

Express Elevator

Bring all the guests to their destination floor and earn the score!


Play bingo and battle with AI machine!

Tik Talk

Learning English can't be more fun than this. Test your pronounciation with Samsung Voice Recognition to answer the question in this game.

Wayang Stack

Play tetris with the taste of Indonesia. Stack the same wayang character to get point!


Smart TV version of Locomostrip.


Smart TV version of Blitzmegaplex. Including movie info, schedule, and online ticketing.


Masterpieces is a digital showcase from Singapore of exclusively curated works by Artists all over Asia.


BentoLive is a VOD (Video on Demand) portal from Malaysia.

Samsung Seasons 

TV Show and Movie from Samsung South East Asia for Malaysia and Philippines